Chastity Keyholding Service

Chastity Keyholding Service

I understand, I truly do, you’re life is entirely run by that tiny little cock of yours. IT rules over you when you know it should be put under control. You know your life would be so much better when you surrender control of that tiny little thing to me.

The Benefits of Chastity

It focuses you as you are no longer distracted by your urges. You can focus on your work, your wife, your friends and your life more. Instead of wasting time touching yourself you can instead focus on pleasing your Mistress, the way she needs to be pleased.

Why Do I offer this?

I believe most men are scum and they need to be brought to heel. Your little dick controls you more than you think. Surrendering control of it is your first step into transforming yourself into a better person. Go to my online slavery application form today and submit yourself to me.

How Does it Work

You submit yourself to me to put it simply. You buy yourself a chastity device, I recommend the CB-6000s as I have had many slaves have good experience with it. We start off with the first two weeks with you being in the plastic numbered locks. This way we can get you acclimated to this new lifestyle. After that, you mail your keys to me. You will be unlocked at periods we negotiate before the chastity period begins.

How Much Does it Cost

Daily checkups and a set release schedule costs 25/week. Send me an amazon gift card and an email to for that value and we can start.